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Marshmallow's First Day of School

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Marshmallow's First Day of School

The day was finally here! Marshmallow was waiting for this day all his life – 'Marshmallow's first day of school'! Marshmallow was curious about school.  He asked Mama Mouse, "Mama, what is it like at school?"

"School can be fun and exciting for a young little mouse", said Mama Mouse.  "You will make lots of friends and enjoy your time".

Mama Mouse was a little worried about Marshmallow, because he was a little different than the other mice.  Marshmallow lived in a small city away from the big city.  But, it was school time and Marshmallow got in the car with Mama Mouse and Papa Mouse and went to the big city for the first time.

Marshmallow was so happy, and he began to sing:

I am going to school to make new friends today,

I am going to school; I am on my way,

I am going to school, Hooray! Hooray!

Marshmallow arrived at school and was greeted by his teacher, Ms. Sarah.

"Good Morning Marshmallow!' said Ms. Sarah."Come in and have a seat at your new desk", she said. Marshmallow sat on his new desk and looked around at the other mice and noticed that all the other mice are pointing at him and laughing for no reason.  Marshmallow was very very sad.  He didn't want to talk to anybody and he was really sad because he didn't make any friends.

He went home and told Mama Mouse what happened.  Marshmallow said "I am not going to school again".  Mama Mouse said to Marshmallow, "It's okay, they still don't know who you are, so it's okay to give another chance".

Next day, Marshmallow went to school.  He was still sad and was afraid that the other mice will laugh at him.  But, he made good friends next day and all the other mice were very nice to him.

Ms Sarah said, "Always be nice to others, and make new friends and stay together".  Her class was the nicest and friendliest in the school